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May 13th , 2016


Welcome to the Harry Bridges Project

The project is dedicated to introducing the public to the life and ideas of Harry Bridges and his impact on our lives today. Bridges was an extraordinary labor leader and social visionary whose life and work encompassed all of the important issues and events of his day, including immigration, depression-era policies, red-scares, McCarthyism, the cold-war and labor issues. His story provides a springboard into understanding those times and realizing their significance today, as we face parallel issues of globalization, the growing gap between rich and poor, increasing governmental surveillance and the war on terror. His life inspires people to come together in their communities, discover their own history and take charge of their own lives. By engaging in dialogue and debate about these issues we can move beyond the fears and limitations that they can create. His life has also inspired us to discover the stories of other radical, and largely misunderstood, figures in American history, from the "Father of American Labor Arbitration" Sam Kagel to the amazing singer and activist Barbara Dane. The circle grows.

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Performances in Community Colleges!
We consider Community College students to be one of the the most important audiences to hear this story. These are students who, for the first time, have CHOSEN to go to school, and pay for it, because they see education as the path to a better life. They have NOT yet found a way into the UC system or to a private college, but are still determined to be educated, and the story of Harry Bridges, an immigrant to America who had a determination to bring about changes for the better, resonates with them.
Some of our letters of recommendation:

Dolores Huerta Labor Institute
Harbor College
Cerritos College

We thank the Los Angeles County Arts Commission

And the Dolores Huerta Labor Institute

for your generous support.

Project News

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We are happy to report that "A Wild Woman Sings the Blues; the Life and Music of Barbara Dane" is complete and for sale on our Merchandise page. This documentary was made with a major grant from the Cal Humanities, CA Documentary Project and the support of the Diane MIddleton Foundation. 

Check out two sequences in this amazing story!

"Barbara Dane goes to Cuba" click here to listen

"Levitating the Pentagon" click here to listen

Good Bye Pete Seeger, a fantastic friend of the project and a passionate supporter of working men and women and their struggles in this world. We miss him dearly.

Click here to listen to Pete Seeger talk about "Where have all the flowers gone?"

"The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting."

-Milan Kundera


Recent and Up-Coming Performances


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March 1st, 2019
Harry Bridges Span School, Wilmington, California

September 20th, 2018
UFCW Local 324, Food Stewards Conference, Buena Vista
June 27th, 2018
UFCW Local 324, Drug Stewards Conference, Buena Vista

April 27th, 2018
Stand Up Guys and Gals for Labor, Anchorage

April 19th, 2018
Pierce College, Woodland Hills

March 13th, 2018
ILWU Local 13, San Pedro

February 15th, 2018
Delta Dental, Orange County

October 28th, 2017
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Vacaville

October 25th, 2017
Palomar College, San Marcos 

October 6th, 2017
Harvard Law School, Boston

September 14th, 2017
LA City College, Los Angeles

May 26th, 2016-May 27th, 2016 
Labor and Employment Relations Association Annual Meeting

April 28th, 2016
Cerritos College, Los Angeles
March 24th, 2016
El Camino College, Los Angeles

March 23rd, 2016
Blue Cross Blue Shield Conference in San Diego

February 23rd, 2016
LA Valley and LA City and East LA College, Los Angeles

January 23rd, 2016
Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church

To see a list of some earlier performances please visit our Play page.